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Research Blog: What’s all the fuss about “big hairy men”? Debunking the transphobic ‘logic’ behind policing gendered spaces

On September 19th, The Washington Post reported that United States Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson had, in an internal meeting, expressed concern about “big hairy men” infiltrating women’s homeless shelters.

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Research Blog: Are gender stereotypes evolving with the times?

In 2018, when the French men’s soccer team won the World Cup, the players reacted to the win with obvious and predictable enthusiasm. In one video, taken in the immediate aftermath of their victory, players are shown storming their coach’s post-game press conference, gleefully dousing their coach, as well as several reporters in the room, with champagne and beer.

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Research Blog: Shaving Toxic Masculinity

The recent #MeToo-inspired Gilette commercial has stirred up quite the controversy with responses ranging from positive feedback to pledges to boycott Gilette products. The razor ad shows boys bullying and fighting, men touching women and dads saying, “Boys will be boys.” It questions, “Is this the best a man can get?”

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Research Blog: Navigating the line of consent: Rape myths and hook up culture

As a survivor of sexual assault, I’ve often felt conflicted over my experience. The thing is films and tv tend to present rape and sexual assault in a very limited way. There’s a mainstream image of a male aggressor taking advantage of a defenseless female, presenting rape and sexual assault as something that’s obvious. But obviously, it is not.

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